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Data, Networking, Hardware, Websites, Software]

About Me

I am Mwangi Peter Gichuki, a computer scientist with a passion to solve real world, day to day problems using new computer technologies and those already in existence.

I am well versed in a variety of fields in computing owing to the rigorous practical teaching experience, work experience and self drive initiatives. These have been captured in this website and in my CV which you can download right below.
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My Skills

Data Science
[Recovery, Organization, Backup] 91%
Computer Networking & Hardware
[Repair, Installation, Assembly]93%
Website & Software
[Design, Development, Debugging] 94%


My computer science knowledge is deeply rooted in academia enabling my advancement into practical applications. Below are my academic notes.

Abstract Paper: Hash Functions; Gretsa University

Block-Chain & Bitcoin: Understanding the Efficiency of SHA-256 Cryptographic Hash Function : 2nd International Multidisciplinary Research Conference

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Diploma: Computer Science; Gretsa University

This is the professional course I have majored in scoring a Distinction at my graduation in December, 2018. For more info, click here.

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KCSE: 8.4.4 System; Njiiri School, Murang'a County

Secondary Education is a mandatory requirement for entry to any Institution of Higher Learning. I scored a B (64 points) thus qualifying for this opportunity.

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These appraisals give personal testimony by persons I have interacted with on my performance during various tasks and accomplishments, all in form of letters.


Purpose: The honor was awarded to me as a result of my performance in one of my academic semesters. I scored an A of 75.75 % which was commendable. In all other semesters, my score avaraged above 70%, most notably scoring an A's of 80.00% and above.

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Purpose: This commendation was given to me after a successful review of the old Students' Association Constitution thus producing a progressive new constitution by a committee I Chaired, comforming to the Universities Ammendment Act of 2016.

Letter       Constitution


Purpose: The award of this opportunity came about as a result of continuous hardwork in academia as well as other aspects in the University. As a result, I ended up acquiring skills in administration, marketing and customer relations.

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NSE CHALLENGE: 2018; NSE: 2018

Purpose: Acquisition of financial knowledge is one of the key drivers for sustainable financial management, regardless of a person's area of expertise. This challenge gave me more than I could have anticipated; Stock Investment Insight.

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Work Experience

The Foundation of any professional practitioner is their experience in their respective work environments. I have noted my work experience below.

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Web Developer: JavaScript, PHP & SQL; CLYTECH

Full website development is a process that takes time and commitment. This is the website for a technology company dealing web development, software development & other services..

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Web Developer: JavaScript, PHP & SQL; jengaKenya

Ecommerce websites are known to be very sophisticated and are an emerging technology in third world countries. This demands development to be done steadily & carefully..

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Back End Developer: PHP & SQL; Find A Trainer

A data driver website cannot really work without a properly designed database and proper flow of information. Developing web apps for this purpose, is a passion.

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Lab Technician: & Tutor; Highlands State College (6 Months)

This experience allowed me to advance my computing knowledge in a practical environment while at the same time enhancing my problem solving and management skills.

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Digital Marketer: Social Media; Gretsa University (1 Year)

'An organization is only as vibrant as its public image'. This job taught me how to ensure a positive public image of the organization is broadcasted to the target market..

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Admissions Office: Intern; Gretsa University (1 Year)

Face to face, daily dealings with clients enabled my understanding of procedural customer relations techniques and requirements. This was the major gain from this job.

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 Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Control is only an illusion, especially if your are not really in control.

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